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Fashion and Style Advice for Plus Sized Women

In today’s fashionable world, we have a choice to select outfits irrespective of what type of body we have. In past, finding fashionable outfits for a plus-sized person was a real challenge. But now days, women have wide variety to select from. They have the variety of choice that was never available before. Big women can look gorgeous if they how to dress up their selves wisely. At present, every woman can look the way she wants to irrespective of their size but for that, they must keep some things in mind if they want to star in a fashion week or be on a magazine cover and be like a Megan Trainor or a Rebel Wilson.

Your body type

Understanding your body and how it is shaped is the first and foremost thing you should do. Are you short or tall, you have pear shaped body or round shaped. Every women have some assets and you must find out what yours are. If you are clear about these factors, it will be easy for you to select the outfit that fits you better. Don’t try too hard to look like a celebrity.

Finding the perfect fit

Finding an outfit that fits perfectly can be little difficult task especially when you are searching for trousers or jeans. Do not hesitate and do experiment with different bands to find out the one which suits your body. One thing should be kept in mind that sizes vary from brand to brand. Stay updated about fashion trends through vogue. The 2016FW in Paris would be a treat too.


Go for quality and classic pieces that are durable and can be worn for years regardless of the trend at that time. Few quality pieces are far better than a full collection of ill-fitting cloths. Some tips on trousers and jeans get a couple of well-tailored pants so that you can team them with any tops, shirts or jackets. Avoid tapered trousers and jeans they make you appear bulky and large, above your ankles, creating unpleasant look. Instead, go for boot cut pants or trousers as they makes your legs look longer.

Tips for tops

Avoid tight fitted or puffed sleeves tops. Instead, go for the tops and shirts that just skim your hip and abdominal area. Do not wear the outfits that make your body appear cut into two pieces of different contrasts. You can opt for single colour tops and bottoms to get the slimming effect. Choose V-necks or pointed collars to make your neck appear longer. Avoid rounded neck or turtle necks as they make your face appear wider. Layering can immensely help plus-sized women. For example, wear a jacket that matches with the lower part of your attire and along sleeved shirt with a polo on top. This will give an elegant look to the women with plus size body. If its swimwear make sure you work out the sizes correctly otherwise it tends to be annoying when you need to hit the surf or even lay comfortably.

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