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Tips to Look Like a Fashion Chic

Being a girl, you must have gone through the photos of celebrities and models and wondered how to be such a fashion chic who rules the magazine cover. Most of the girls only waste the money and buy unnecessary things that never come out from the wardrobe after getting in. Fashion is to be fashionable and following the trend. However, you can always be fashionable by not following any rules of clothing.

Get rid of old cupboard:

Throw away all the old clothes to charity shop. Make sure you have enough in your wallet to buy some new collection. Make your own collection with some ‘must have’ colors of leggings that you can wear with any tops, Scarves that are trendy to go around with any combinations and skirts, jackets and shoes, both flat and heels and not to forget, glasses.

Draped your outwear over shoulder:

This is an eye-catching style that portrays true sense of flamboyance and elegance. You can drape your outerwear such as capes, jackets and blazer over the shoulder and simply leave the sleeves free. It may give you a crazy look, but with a definite chic look.

Choose white:

White is always effortless for an elegant look. Make yourself look like a doll and carry the look with something simple. You can add a compliment to your look by red lips or sleek edgy jewellery. Make sure to keep the trend as simple as you can; only that suits.

Go crazy with colors:

It’s time to step out of a safe game with that ordinary matching red-black or white-blue; Try some crazy color combination that gives you an unusual look. Wear baby blue with yellow or lavender or go for a pale blue with indigo and mustard.

Choose an unusual Mixing of prints:

Random mixing is a usual fashion that everyone tries. Stop looking random by the general mixing of prints. Try the unusual combinations like floral or ditsy print with stripes or polka with. Carry the look with style glasses and it can look tremendously bright and classy.

Embrace your denim:

Hug your various denim pieces in your wardrobe like denim corset top, denim jumpsuit or denim shirt dress. You can go for pieces like floor length denim capes or panelled chambray shirt.

Try on different edgy shoes:

To look something different and extremely stylish, try on a pair of shoes that has attention-grabbing element in it. It can be wedge heel with a hollow or blade heels or something that should instantly catch everyone’s eye.

Get a Front bangs:

Front bangs is worth trying hairstyle whether you have straight or curly hair, front bangs look equally cool. Front bangs can boost any hairstyle and softens angular facial features, giving you an ultra-stylish look.

Get introduced with structured silhouettes:
Introduce yourself to structured and architectural silhouettes! They can obviously look ultra-chic on you.

Update yourself with upcoming fashion craze:

Fashion is a trend that changes very often. Follow that fashion weeks. Paris is the capital city of fashion for actual fashion buyers with the world-class boutiques. They don’t actually need a fashion week, but you can follow upcoming dates for fall or winter collection or 2016fw collections that run into March and their 2016ss (spring-summer) collection that from September to Early October. Look for the top fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle and know what’s the new fashion that going viral through the year.

Get out of the cocoon and look gorgeous.

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